Our Ingredients

We believe in sourcing the highest quality ingredients for our unique frozen treats.

Because our products marry both French artisanal techniques and California inspired wellness cuisine we select each and every ingredient with a reverence for how it was grown and its nourishing benefits.

To make our French Style Frozen Yogurt we use organic, grass fed dairy or plant based milks like Almond and Coconut and billions of beneficial probiotics. We believe in using locally sourced, seasonal produce and ethically sourced chocolate and coffees to top our delicious frozen yogurts, smoothies and smoothie bowls. True to our first Provencal test kitchen and the region’s rich culinary tradition of making delicious yogurt, we are always striving to create the most creamy and delectable french-style frozen yogurt imaginable.


California Bliss in Italia !

La marque de yaourts glacés au célèbre lifestyle Californien crée en 2013, grandit et se renforce aujourd'hui du meilleur de l'artisanat Italien pour fabriquer ses produits à 40 minutes de la Sérénissime. Toujours conçus et élaborés en France, les plus onctueux des yaourts continuent de surfer sur la vague premium pour régaler vos papilles !