Changing Lives One Spoonful at a Time

CALIFORNIA BLISS : Built to Be A Social Enterprise

We dream of a world where the spark of greatness inside every girl is nurtured, mentored, and then unleashed. Where we unlock every girl’s inner potential. And where their collective power becomes an unstoppable force for change and good.

California Bliss started with a simple, yet bold, idea: what if a delicious, frozen treat could play a part in attaining that vision? What if our for-profit business could fund a non-profit for good? What if we could uplift people’s days with feel-good, super-foods while also changing girl’s lives?

What if a feel good, frozen treat could help change the world?

So we set out to create a better, more delicious, wellness product that could also better lives. A product that tastes good and does good for the body and the community. Where our business model was as innovative as our flavors and functional ingredients. And our commitment to sourcing high-quality, organic, ingredients and grass-fed dairy matched our commitment to empowering girls globally. With 100% of profits supporting Global G.L.O.W., every dollar spent at California Bliss helps accelerate girls’ greatness in underserved communities around the world.

It’s a simple idea. And therein lies its power. To make people feel better in the moment with frozen treats that can change lives for the better, forever. One spoonful at time.


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